Art Event Announcement: DMC Original’s Shape Your Peace

DMC Art83

Photo taken at the DMC Original Solo Art Exhibition: Whatever Glitters is Gold. Brooklyn, 2015.

I’ve been working with paint colors since 2010. I coordinated volunteer events for people to paint murals at schools and community centers, but I was no artist. At least not until two years later. I became inspired to spread paint over blank canvases, similar to the way I’ve crafted words together to create stories. I was exploring a new creative outlet, a new type of journal. I am expressing myself through blended colors and golden highlights.
I began posting photos of the finished pieces to my social media networks, and surprisingly received a lot of feedback from my peers. They seemed intrigued. They’d hit the “Like” button on Instagram and Facebook, then followed up with a comment or private message, “how much?”. When I sit down to paint, I never know what’s going to be created, until it’s complete. Sometimes I reveal pain. Sometimes love. Sometimes hope. I noticed that no matter what story the painting is telling, there is always a search for peace.
After almost three years of painting and having created over 100 pieces, I held a premiere art exhibition for DMC originals in October 2015. It was a solo show that took place at Amarachi Lounge in Brooklyn, NY. The show was entitled “Everything that Glitters is Gold”. I wanted my paintings to encourage people to see the possibilities. As they scanned their eyes over the layers of paint from each corner of the canvas, I hoped for them to see that they were on a journey: jumping over forced shapes, sliding down blended colors, climbing up impulsive angles, inspired by bold golds, all in search of the peace everyone is trying to find. A great amount of people showed up to the exhibit, and my art was just as well received as my children’s book during the signing for Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers in 2013. I loved that I was able to bring people together for an evening filled with art, love, laughter and an open mind for creativity. Many went home that night with their very own DMC original. I was lifted! In that moment, I felt that I was in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing – existing in part of my purpose.
So, I’m indulging again! I invite you to come out to Verboten in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Saturday, January 30th from 5-10 pm for an evening of art in every form, a PHD Experience (see flyer below). DMC originals will be on display, in addition to live music, dance performances and so much more.
When I think about the people who have DMC originals on display in their homes, I hope they understand that they have more than just a painting. It is mostly my intention to inspire them to see beauty in all things.
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Human Nature


Photo: Haiti, 2015

It’s in my nature. I just want to help.

Over the years, I’ve been learning a lot about myself. I know that I enjoy writing, working with youth, and I especially enjoy traveling. It became genius to me when I realized I could fulfill all of my desires by going on mission trips.

I come from a Haitian background, and when the earthquake hit in 2010, I wanted to help. Five years later, I am on a plane with an amazing group of people – heading for Port-Au-Prince, the very place my grandmother was born. We were on a mission to help build homes and empower families. It was such a transformative experience. Haiti is a beautiful country, with beautiful people – and we should never forget that our community far exceeds the street we live on. If you’re a volunteer at heart, then you can truly donate your time anywhere in the world, including the senior center around the corner from you. If you ever forget why you should remain humble, I encourage you to help someone in need of something you take for granted. It’s really as simple as that. Working alongside natives to help advance the development of their communities, goes a great distance. What a beautiful thing to see people of varied backgrounds come together to make a difference. Talk about powerful. That’s what life is all about – everyone helping one another as best they can. This life is not about ourselves – it’s always been about what we can do for others. Think of what other people have done for you – the Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs of the world. More people should step up, and lend a helping hand to someone in need. It’s more fulfilling than any amount of money a job can pay. Donate a coat, assemble a care package, clean up your local park, help build homes, empower youth – schedule some time to be selfless. Think of the profession you’re in – maybe there’s a way you can lend your expertise or mentor someone interested in that field. What truly amazes me when I’m volunteering is the fact that the impact I think I’m making on others, does not compare to the impact they’re making on me. It’s a two way street. It’s priceless for me when I see children smile, because I showed interest in helping them learn to read, or when they witness me carrying cinder blocks being used to build a foundation for their soon-to-be home. There are so many things that come naturally to all of us, for me – it’s showing that I care, by lending a helping hand. It’s only the icing on the cake that the children in the photo have also received donated copies of my children’s book – Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers. It takes a village, to inspire a village


Children Around the World…

FullSizeRender (5)

…are reading Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers. (Photo taken by DMC. South Africa, 2015). 

Flashback to January 2012, when I met a school librarian on a volunteer event in New York City. I innocently expressed how much I simply admired the books he had on display in his library, which then led to me inform him that I had a dream of one day becoming a published children’s author. In that moment, the universe conspired. The librarian said to me, without hesitation, “If you’re serious…I know authors, publishers, and illustrators. I can connect you with them. You can make this dream of yours come true.” I’ve invested energy in this idea numerous times before, but that particular conversation felt more authentic than any of my previous efforts. When I got home later that day, I sat down with the intent of writing the first page of a story. It wasn’t until the pen hit the paper, when I had a true realization of the need to craft a realistic fiction, with a message about the impact volunteers create in the world.

Eighteen months later, at the age of 25, my children’s book Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers was published. Thousands of children in New York City, and around the world are reading Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers – a story with universal messages about compassion.

Available on for $9.99. Learn more by visiting the Facebook Page.

Forever, Incomplete.

FullSizeRender (4)

I am not now, all that I’ll ever be. There’s so much more to me. A flower blooming on any day. I make a way. No road blocks, only detours. I see more. Beauty, in all things. Color, in darkness. I am the light. A responsibility to seek possibilities. I am hope. I am power. I have the key to open the doors. Seeking more, and more. Unstoppable. Running. Looking. Touching. Feeling. Carrying on. I glide from the inside. There’s peace on my trail. The trail I create. Every experience has its lessons. So many blessings. I’m grateful. Thankful, to know that there’s always more. As long as I’m alive, there’s always more. An opportunity to inspire. A chance to make change. A moment to rearrange, thoughts. No mistake is made twice. After the first, it then becomes choice. Wisdom. Look back on history and apply it to the future. Choosing the battles. Choosing the beauties. Choosing the legend. With faith, I’m fearless. Compare less. This is my journey. I am the writer of my story. No lies. Destiny. Forever on my team. I cheer for me. I’m here for me. Incomplete, for eternity. I am not now, all that I’ll ever be. There’s so much more to me. I am possibility. It’s true, you are too!

My Mirror, My Reflection.

I’ve looked in a lot of mirrors. Anything that would show a reflection, I’d sneak a peek. I wasn’t looking for the me I know, I was looking for the person other people saw. I’ve learned over time that when you look for that person, you play into other people’s definition of you. Now, when I look in the mirror – I’m looking at the me I’ve created, and the me I’ve introduced you to!

Metaphorically, I consider myself having the nature of an iguana. Iguanas are masters of camouflage.  As a young girl, I had a tendency of blending into environments until I’ve become comfortable enough to show my true colors. Sometimes, it was because I thought I was supposed to become my surroundings, other times it was because I didn’t think people would understand me. These ideas led me to not believe in having a real dream for myself. I had no aspirations. No passion, no belief, no yearning – for anything! I spent too much time assimilating. I didn’t want people to recognize my differences. Over time, I’ve learned to embrace those differences. The same people I wanted to be like, inspired me to be myself. The same people I followed, encouraged me to continue on to my own path. And, I truly believe that we always end up right where we belong.

College nurtured my interest in writing, and helped me develop a deeper understanding of this beautiful craft. Studying abroad in Australia nurtured my interest in traveling the world, and helped me develop a deeper understanding of cross-cultural existence. Working at a non-profit organization and managing volunteer events nurtured my interest in community service, and helped me develop a deeper understanding of the impact volunteers have on society. Each experience has taken me on an adventure, all the while introducing me to amazing people who would impact my life along the way. These experiences, these stepping stones, these mirrors I’ve been glancing at – have allowed me to reflect on my life and connect dots that would spell out some ways I now define myself. I am a published children’s author, an artist, a humanitarian, a world traveler, a free spirit and so much more.

It feels amazing to wake up every morning with new dreams and a purpose! I’ve spent plenty of time idolizing varied public figures for different reasons. Admiring others and the joy that seems to exist in their lives, should only be inspiration to wake up and reach for the same opportunities. I want to travel through life dreaming and leading by example. It’s extremely rewarding when I feel as though I am practicing what I preach, walking the walk, honoring my words, and exemplifying greatness. People are watching, and they mimic what they see. When each one, teaches one – we learn the true power we possess; the impact we have on others. Everyone is looking in a mirror, often times being defined by others, blending into their surroundings, and temporarily confused by their reflections. Step out, and reveal the true you – so that someone else may do the same. My mirror, my reflection. FullSizeRender (3)

Everyday Dreamer.


Thank you for taking the time to visit. My name is Danielle M. Chèry, and I am an everyday dreamer from Brooklyn, NY. I have a passion for living the life I see in my dreams. It’s a beautiful thing to dream, but even more astonishing when you are actually living your dream life. Everything I do and create has its own special journey. As an artist, photographer, author, poet, traveler, humanitarian and so much more – I take great pride in the journey of creating. Destiny is always meeting up with me, and it teaches me to welcome opportunity with open arms. You’re invited to travel with me as I share my story. I will be posting about my children’s book – Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers; my custom paintings – DMC Originals; my travels and so much more. Dream with me, but more importantly live your dreams!

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