My Mirror, My Reflection.

I’ve looked in a lot of mirrors. Anything that would show a reflection, I’d sneak a peek. I wasn’t looking for the me I know, I was looking for the person other people saw. I’ve learned over time that when you look for that person, you play into other people’s definition of you. Now, when I look in the mirror – I’m looking at the me I’ve created, and the me I’ve introduced you to!

Metaphorically, I consider myself having the nature of an iguana. Iguanas are masters of camouflage.  As a young girl, I had a tendency of blending into environments until I’ve become comfortable enough to show my true colors. Sometimes, it was because I thought I was supposed to become my surroundings, other times it was because I didn’t think people would understand me. These ideas led me to not believe in having a real dream for myself. I had no aspirations. No passion, no belief, no yearning – for anything! I spent too much time assimilating. I didn’t want people to recognize my differences. Over time, I’ve learned to embrace those differences. The same people I wanted to be like, inspired me to be myself. The same people I followed, encouraged me to continue on to my own path. And, I truly believe that we always end up right where we belong.

College nurtured my interest in writing, and helped me develop a deeper understanding of this beautiful craft. Studying abroad in Australia nurtured my interest in traveling the world, and helped me develop a deeper understanding of cross-cultural existence. Working at a non-profit organization and managing volunteer events nurtured my interest in community service, and helped me develop a deeper understanding of the impact volunteers have on society. Each experience has taken me on an adventure, all the while introducing me to amazing people who would impact my life along the way. These experiences, these stepping stones, these mirrors I’ve been glancing at – have allowed me to reflect on my life and connect dots that would spell out some ways I now define myself. I am a published children’s author, an artist, a humanitarian, a world traveler, a free spirit and so much more.

It feels amazing to wake up every morning with new dreams and a purpose! I’ve spent plenty of time idolizing varied public figures for different reasons. Admiring others and the joy that seems to exist in their lives, should only be inspiration to wake up and reach for the same opportunities. I want to travel through life dreaming and leading by example. It’s extremely rewarding when I feel as though I am practicing what I preach, walking the walk, honoring my words, and exemplifying greatness. People are watching, and they mimic what they see. When each one, teaches one – we learn the true power we possess; the impact we have on others. Everyone is looking in a mirror, often times being defined by others, blending into their surroundings, and temporarily confused by their reflections. Step out, and reveal the true you – so that someone else may do the same. My mirror, my reflection. FullSizeRender (3)

2 thoughts on “My Mirror, My Reflection.

  1. May you continue to be blessed with all that you strive for. Such a refreshing thing to see a beautiful young lady be such a strong positive role model. I hope this is spread around the world to show young girls how to live their lives as positive role models. So many think that boys, sex and babies are the answer. Your show them there is more to life and YOU CAN LIVE YOUR DREAM. If you believe in yourself you can do amazing things. Stay blessed my beautiful smart wonderful niece. We love you and all that you do Aunt Renee and Uncle Aaron.

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