Swag in the Bag

Streets of Cartagena, Colombia. 2016 No need to try too hard. Just always do your best. Accept what's not meant. Be kind to others. Stay true. Remain humble. Don't stress. Nuture your passion, as if it were a child. Stay focused. Have an opinion. Stand for something. Let your voice be heard. Have goals. Continue [...]

Meditate on Purpose

Cartagena, Colombia. 2016 I don't do it often enough, at least not in any traditional way. I don't have a special pillow, particular place or time of day. I don't listen to any distinct songs or sounds, and I don't try to completely empty my mind. I move at a pace that best fits the [...]

Wonder Why I Wander?

Photo: Cartagena, Colombia. 2016. I'm an introvert. It's the way I feel, not the things I have, that contribute to who I am. Therefore, spending time exploring on my own is an opportunity for me to connect with myself, internally. On top of that, I just don't enjoy compromising. If you're also an introvert, you [...]

Brooklyn Meets Cartagena

Photo: Cartagena, Colombia, 2016 I took a leap of faith and ended up in Colombia, one of the happiest countries in the world! I love warm weather, and sometimes consider myself a beach bum, so it's only right that I post up on the coast, in Cartagena! It's a gorgeous city with lots of character! [...]