Swag in the Bag


Streets of Cartagena, Colombia. 2016

No need to try too hard. Just always do your best. Accept what’s not meant. Be kind to others. Stay true. Remain humble. Don’t stress. Nuture your passion, as if it were a child. Stay focused. Have an opinion. Stand for something. Let your voice be heard. Have goals. Continue to add to your bucket list. Live your dreams. Help other people. Smile often. Love hard. Laugh out loud. Have an open mind, and heart. Appreciate and enjoy the littel things. Read. Express your feelings. Write daily. Stop to smell the roses. Understand that you’re a student, for life – always learning. Make mistakes once, then wisen up. Know better, do better. Teach what you know. Share information. Travel the world. Broaden your horizons. Become acquaintances with many. Eat delicious food. Strengthen relationships with family and friends. Don’t waste time on the unnecessary. Remember less is more. Have faith. Have role models. Set a good example. Understand that children are always watching, and they mimic what they see. Become one with the fact that you can’t master everything. Unleash your talent and share it with the world. Always do your best, because you’re meant to shine as bright as anyone else. Own your identity. The life you’re living was only meant and designed for you – embrace that. Don’t like something, change your thinking and it will change your life. Sing out loud. Dance like no one’s watching. Sit in silence for re-grounding purposes. Live by the golden rule. Have compassion. Understand that most of what we know is only the tip of the iceberg. Live in the moment. Don’t worry. Don’t judge. Take risks. Listen to the universe. Look for signs. And finally, so that you don’t miss your flight, pack light. You need nothing more than swag in your bag.

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