Poor, Until You’re Free.


I’m not the only one who’s rich. There are a lot of us. We have an abundance, and it just continues to pour, helping us grow. There was an influx in the last year. The world blew me away. It was a world-wind (whirlwind).  I became a bird, just as free. With that realization, knowing I could fly, I became powerful. The dream was to see the world, as much of it as possible. The manifestation was seeing the world, because it was possible. With each landing, in each international city, my networth increased. I’m rich. At this point in life, I’ve explored over sixty international cities, across six continents. Each experience was a coin in the bank. I became exposed to many lifestyles. Exposed to the bigger picture; I realized, even more, during each engagement, that life on this planet is everything, and nothing at all. I saw so much beauty from various hills, mountain tops and through the eyes of others. I listened to natives tell stories about their people and their country, the good times and the ugly. Taking me from a moment of accepting the beauty and charm of their environment, to seeing it all flash into bits after hearing of the devastation that has swept through. The stages of life. Things aren’t always pretty. Behind every smile, every scenic route, is a story. Everyday, with each experience, celebration, trial and tribulation, there are lessons to be learned. These lessons are keys, used to unlock the understanding of whatever is coming next. There are no coincidences. As long as we’re present and paying attention, we in return, become rich.

And the “horse” will remain poor, until it becomes free.

Freedom is liberation. With liberation, everything is gold. With gold, you’re rich!

Spiritually. Mentally. Physically. Morally. Purposefully. Honorably.

In Love. In Peace. In Quality. In Respect. In Health. In Experiences. In Joy. In Creativity.

What’s holding you back, tying you down, locking you in, from being rich?

How do you become free?


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