Spirit of Light


I was in the middle of Mexico, and had just finished getting a massage. I felt light in spirit. I felt happy. Especially considering the fact that after the service, I was presented with the most delicious apple cinnamon tea, followed by walking outside into a piece of paradise. I appreciated it so much, because I knew it was ending soon. I wanted to take this particular photo to not only capture the moment after the massage, or the beauty of the nature that surrounded me, but the essence of the light that I felt and exuded. It was the spirit of light that poured into me. That light is easier to recognize when I take care of myself.

It makes more sense to me, everyday, the need and right of peace. In my days of darkness, I remind myself of this exactly. Looking to nature for the answers, and remembering to take heed of the journey and necessity of the trees, bodies of water, flowers and animals – and what they represent – life, in every stage. I’m thinking of what has roots, needs cleansing, represents beauty, and holds significance. I’m thinking of every experience, and every moment being so necessary- because it plays a part in the bigger picture.

Self care is paying attention to the present moment, and being alive fully in just that. The here, the now, the today. Anything beyond this is my hope. I can easily drift there, planning and preparing – but when I get caught up in everything related to the future, I miss out on me right now. Once I’m with myself in the present moment, I’m less stressed, less worried, less fearful. I’m flowing, effortlessly, because somehow I’m right where I belong. My heart is taking it easy, because I’m remembering to breathe. My spirit is lifted, because I’m remembering it is light.