Lose Count

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. 2010. It's deeper than that. Deeper than the surface, the grains of sand, the ocean. Deeper than the flesh, the bones. It's all worthless if you serve no purpose. Deeper than bank accounts and possession amounts. We're still searching. This game of life, we're all players, until we dive deep, peeling [...]

Imagine That.

"I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows. If I fail, if I succeed, at least I lived as I believe." ...about living your dreams When we were young, we did not hesitate. We did exactly what we wanted to do, because all we knew was that moment we were in. We didn't [...]

A Journey Entry

This is a safe space. Words can be placed here to express thoughts and feelings that first sit with me, and are then passed along for you to relate, or not. I write in my journal at the start of every new day. I write my peace. It's all just a journey. And today, I say...

Keys to Outside.

Tuscany, Italy. 2017. Once upon a time, I didn't understand stillness. The kind that creates a simple balance by blocking out the noise. The noise of faces, words, actions, and ideas. The kind that makes you feel born again, entering the world anew, conscious of your spiritual presence. The kind that is unaware of "ego." [...]


...we all have our days isolated.top five favoriteshoney in coffeeginger me slowly, softlysweet mangolet that man gopen to paperplans to save herego abolishednails depolishedbraids unraveledroads less traveledcandle litbirds flying high, swiftbathed in lavendersafe haven, havin' hersage burnin'record turnin'peace in the airlove everywheremommy close bysadness in eyesfilters, on standbyisolatedinfiltrateduncertain...-dmc original