DMC Original Art

3c27f5_f322a5a32cf246d6bc7f8fd6ccf9de55_mv2.pngDMC Original Art by Danielle M. Chèry presents an evocative exploration of planet Earth’s color palette, striving to inspire humankind through inventive and experimental work. The DMC Original painting journey began in December of 2012, and listed on this site are original paintings, most to include texture.

My art is mostly inspired by an endless desire to experience peace and freedom. I work with acrylic, oil and spray paints, on stretched canvas. You’ll notice in many of my pieces, the incorporation of texture and resin.

The intent of using heavy gel for texture, is to symbolize bringing my art to life. The shapes within most of my pieces represent the illusion of boundaries, and the gold paint is representative of there being majestic and infinite light.

All pieces are originals, no prints.

For all inquiries, please contact me at

DMC Original Art Exhibition, 2019