About DMC


Thank you for taking the time to visit. My name is Danielle M. Chéry, and I am an everyday dreamer from Brooklyn, NY. I have a passion for living the life I see in my dreams. It’s a beautiful thing to dream, but even more astonishing when you are actually living your dream life. Everything I do and create has its own special journey.

As an artist, photographer, author, poet, traveler, humanitarian and so much more – I take great pride in the journey of creating. Destiny is always meeting up with me, and it teaches me to welcome opportunity with open arms.

You’re invited to travel with me as I share my story. I will be posting about my children’s book – Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers; my custom paintings – DMC Original Art; my travels, spiritual awakenings and so much more. Dream with me, but more importantly live your dreams!

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Be You. Be True.