The Root is Only the Beginning…

Brooklyn, NY. 2016 Thank God for the morning sun. It's gotten me through many days. Shoved its way through my blinds. The rays reaching...touching my heart and my mind. Bringing me to my feet, to defeat, yet another day. Rise up. Make a way. Make a mark. A new start, toward making yet another difference. The part where I'm in yet, another [...]

Open Secrets

Prospect Park, Brooklyn. 2016. Anxiety. It sometimes gets the best of us. Our hearts take off running and jumping, in no particular direction. There are instances when we set ourselves up by setting expectations. No, let’s not do that so much. Let’s live, moment by moment. Change. It sometimes manipulates what's best for us. Our hearts stop, [...]


Phoenix, AZ. Cape Town, SA. Marrakech, MR. Excerpts from an open letter I wrote in 2015. Love brings out all things possible. It brings fascination. With love, you learn compassion. You learn courage. You learn confidence. You learn strength. You learn peace. Most of all, you learn selflessness. Love is the one action that will allow [...]

Swag in the Bag

Streets of Cartagena, Colombia. 2016 No need to try too hard. Just always do your best. Accept what's not meant. Be kind to others. Stay true. Remain humble. Don't stress. Nuture your passion, as if it were a child. Stay focused. Have an opinion. Stand for something. Let your voice be heard. Have goals. Continue [...]