Split, Croatia. 2017. 

This is a collection of poems I wrote, all inspired by the spirit of water.

As we embark on this new year, may we cleanse our spirits, may we be unpredictable, may we be immeasurable, may we be a source of power, may we be the flow, may we ride the wave, may we be simple, may we be divine, may we be peaceful.

May we too, be as new, as the day, as the year, as the stars and the moon.

Happy New Year!

Blue, the way you mend
The way you heal
The way you send signals
Signs of protection in your reflection
Thanks for teaching me how to be
How to flow
How to see
How to blend, freely
Thank you, blue
Bird’s eye view
You see me
I see you
Near or far
Wherever you are
Over the blue sea, under the blue sky
Low to the ground, or up real high
Flowing with grace
Soaring with gratitude
Peace, you see me? I see you
With my bird’s eye view
Baptize me in the deep blue
I want to become the closest thing to you
Take me to your nature
Give me the characteristics of its beauty
Allow me to flow with grace, everyday
The ripples will carry throughout time, effortlessly
Questions will dissolve
Life will be magnified
Baptize me in your blue sea
When I am brought up, I will be cleansed, free, flowing through time as you, because you are me
I’m sensitive
After her water broke, I sensed the ifs
I was alert, aware, and know only to ever go with the flow
I sense the vibes and know that all things in the moment is just exactly the way it’s supposed to be
Just carry on with the steam young grass hopper, and you’ll have all that you’ll ever need
Cleanse me of anything that is not true
Free me of my burdens
Bring all things to the surface
Good, bad, bubbly blue
I like the way you look, I admire you
I like the way you sound, your vibrations are sweet, nothing new
You are the purest of pure, the surest of sure, the most gorgeous without ever trying
Everything that meets you, complements your flow
So much peace, so much beauty, you don’t even know
There’s envy in your presence
Others want your grace
But you are just as unique as all the others, yet you’re smart enough to know your place – and with just that, you’re more than ok.
Splash me with your blue
Pour down
Be so strong, so magnificent, so raw
Rinse worries free of time
To no longer exist
The curiosity of the what-ifs
Don’t change your mind
When nature calls, and the winds flow, the trees grow, don’t question the blue waters that show their true colors
I can see through you
My flesh is the same, only buried in your grace
You simply move around me
There are subtle bubbles
Huddles of puddles
Yet, no one complains
There’s a light under you, confirming that you are indeed real and true
There’s no super light needed to change your hue
Just a sparkle, a twinkle, and little star in your waters, reminding me of how simple and special you certainly are
Still like you
Easy, like you
Beautiful, like you
Simple and true
Light without and within
Illuminating all the same
Wavy, like you
Deep and shallow mysteries, like you
Troubled and unbothered, like you

Piece of Me


Brooklyn, NY.

Happy 2017! Just a year ago, I started this blog and I thought it was going to mostly be about my children’s book, my paintings, and my travel adventures. Little did I know that I’d be inspired to dive deep, and focus my writing on self-reflection. As you can see, there are no limits here. Each post is a reminder of how I am growing, and my sincere interest in helping others reveal their truth. Let’s be real, and do whatever it is that truly makes us feel a sense of joy!

I don’t always know what to say. I don’t always use the perfect words to interpret how I’m feeling, and in those moments, I am really grateful for my outlet of painting. I actually find it to be better than verbal expression. If could never speak again, I’d be okay with that – because I have art. It speaks for me, sometimes better than I ever could. It is becoming a way of life. I need it. I crave it. I live for the opportunity to splash and blend colors onto a blank canvas, and share the result with others. I’m even more grateful to the people who see something special within each piece, and have one or more hanging within their humble abodes. That means a lot! Anyone who owns a DMC Original, truly has something that is one of a kind. Each painting is symbolic of how I was feeling in the moment. There are no intentions to create anything in particular, simply freedom of expression and creativity. The appreciation people have for that is invaluable. Anyone who owns a piece, has a piece of my heart.

This year, I’m going to continue on my journey to freely express myself, through art, writing, travel, and whatever else, because there are no limits. Stay tuned…

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Human Nature


Photo: Haiti, 2015

It’s in my nature. I just want to help.

Over the years, I’ve been learning a lot about myself. I know that I enjoy writing, working with youth, and I especially enjoy traveling. It became genius to me when I realized I could fulfill all of my desires by going on mission trips.

I come from a Haitian background, and when the earthquake hit in 2010, I wanted to help. Five years later, I am on a plane with an amazing group of people – heading for Port-Au-Prince, the very place my grandmother was born. We were on a mission to help build homes and empower families. It was such a transformative experience. Haiti is a beautiful country, with beautiful people – and we should never forget that our community far exceeds the street we live on. If you’re a volunteer at heart, then you can truly donate your time anywhere in the world, including the senior center around the corner from you. If you ever forget why you should remain humble, I encourage you to help someone in need of something you take for granted. It’s really as simple as that. Working alongside natives to help advance the development of their communities, goes a great distance. What a beautiful thing to see people of varied backgrounds come together to make a difference. Talk about powerful. That’s what life is all about – everyone helping one another as best they can. This life is not about ourselves – it’s always been about what we can do for others. Think of what other people have done for you – the Dr. Martin Luther King Jrs of the world. More people should step up, and lend a helping hand to someone in need. It’s more fulfilling than any amount of money a job can pay. Donate a coat, assemble a care package, clean up your local park, help build homes, empower youth – schedule some time to be selfless. Think of the profession you’re in – maybe there’s a way you can lend your expertise or mentor someone interested in that field. What truly amazes me when I’m volunteering is the fact that the impact I think I’m making on others, does not compare to the impact they’re making on me. It’s a two way street. It’s priceless for me when I see children smile, because I showed interest in helping them learn to read, or when they witness me carrying cinder blocks being used to build a foundation for their soon-to-be home. There are so many things that come naturally to all of us, for me – it’s showing that I care, by lending a helping hand. It’s only the icing on the cake that the children in the photo have also received donated copies of my children’s book – Peers, Cheers, and Volunteers. It takes a village, to inspire a village