When You Learn, Teach.

Kyoto, Japan. 2018. It's been two years since the All Things DMC Blog has become one of many places where I collect my thoughts. I’m grateful for the courage I have to elaborate freely on some of my sentiments, and to place them on a platform that creates dialogue with others. So far, it has [...]

Live a Lot

Slow down. Everyday will not be the same, no matter how strict we are with our routines. That's the beauty in life, the unexpected. The sharp turns, and whether or not we are prepared to make them, even when we're used to going straight. We're supposed to be living flexible lives, taking the good with [...]

Forever Young

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. 2017 I watched the movie Collateral Beauty on the plane as I traveled to Costa Rica, and it touched me. It brought to surface, things I think about often - yet in a more abstract light: Love, time, and death. We all want love. We all need more time. We all fear, [...]

Open Secrets

Prospect Park, Brooklyn. 2016. Anxiety. It sometimes gets the best of us. Our hearts take off running and jumping, in no particular direction. There are instances when we set ourselves up by setting expectations. No, let’s not do that so much. Let’s live, moment by moment. Change. It sometimes manipulates what's best for us. Our hearts stop, [...]

Brooklyn Meets Cartagena

Photo: Cartagena, Colombia, 2016 I took a leap of faith and ended up in Colombia, one of the happiest countries in the world! I love warm weather, and sometimes consider myself a beach bum, so it's only right that I post up on the coast, in Cartagena! It's a gorgeous city with lots of character! [...]