The Main Ingredient

New York City. 2019

I won’t pretend I haven’t been gone a while. Silent in my simplicity. Occupied by voids, yet making an impact. It’s something I go through. I’ve been idle, and that time is up. I am getting back to work, the work I’ve been called to do. I always find winter months to be a bit daunting, especially for us summer babies – I become so removed when the cold sweeps through. During spring, I find myself moving and grooving, getting back into the swing of things. The sun has recently been shining on my heart. The pops of color from the flowers has been everything! The heat has warmed me up. Summer, you are so good to me. I’m back because you are.

During the last eight months, I’ve spent hours and hours: in an office doing work for the Family Court; in a classroom teaching adults English as a Foreign Language; breathing deeply while commuting throughout the city; planning potlucks; celebrating birthdays with family; laughing over glasses of wine and talking about purposeful living with friends; meditating each morning with hot coffee and my journal; being grateful for all I am and all I am not; going for walks throughout Brooklyn; checking in with my vision board; seeing what people were up to on social media; watching shows on Netflix; listening to music and podcasts; and getting plenty of rest. The blogger in me became quiet as I listened to everything and everyone else, delicately and intentionally using each of my senses. My soul stretched, sang, danced, and became exhausted, all while exploring other people’s worlds. During the last eight months, it really wasn’t about me at all. I was picking up on energy, vibes, emotions, stories, failures and successes. And like confetti tossed up in the air on New Year’s day, it was as if I was gazing at each metallic square as they slowly swayed down to the ground, curious about their identity, their individual journey. During the last eight months, I gazed. I learned. I made mistakes. I learned. And I learned. Some lessons new, some the same, over and over again – realizing, everything, as it is, is so necessary.

Then, I painted. And I dreamed. And these visions I’ve been having of my third solo art exhibition became a reality. I use colors, when I don’t know how to use words.

DMC Original Art Exhibit. July 27, 2019. A start of something new…

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