Amarachi Lounge, Brooklyn, NY. 2017

The other night, I went to visit the Whitney Museum in Manhattan, and I had a personal tour guide explain a few pieces that were on display. I was impressed and amazed by the obvious creativity, but even more so by the deeper and layered significance the artist wanted to convey. Sometimes I forget how pre-meditated artists can be, because I don’t really consider myself as that type of artist. I have so many thoughts and feelings scrambling around inside, that when it’s time for me to be still and paint, those feelings appear on the canvas in whatever way they want. I don’t plan, I flow with it. That’s the joy I find in my art, and the reason I reference it as abstract. I begin to understand myself and my sentiments more after I’m done creating. As each feeling is unique, so is each painting. Unique, and original. So, listening to the guide explain the artwork made me imagine myself or the artist trying to tell a specific story, relay a specific message and direct the audience’s perception. Although one can have their own interpretation, I don’t think I’d necessarily want someone to explain to others what I was thinking or feeling when they observe a piece of my work. I more so want people to dive deeper, and simply focus on what it means to them. I don’t have intentions to be specific about anything in particular. It doesn’t mean that my art does not have direction, it means that my art is free, general, and universal. It’s the reason I work with shapes, white lines, random blends and splashes of color, and gold paint – to leave plenty of room for interpretation. It’s to symbolize that we’re all connected, and a part of something larger than ourselves.

My artwork represents freedom – the lack of it, the desire for it, and the possibility of attaining it. The fact that I only create originals, and not prints, is symbolic that everything in nature is unique – one of a kind. As long as I’m alive and painting, one would only be able to purchase a true DMC original. I value that so much. I had my second solo art exhibit on April 27, 2017, and to see nearly 100 people gather around my work, and comment on how they feel connected to the paintings meant a lot to me. Many have known me and my work since I started painting four years ago, and have expressed how much I’ve developed. I’ve sold a lot of pieces to family and friends, and that actually means more to me. They’re proud to be able to tell their guests that they know the artist. I have developed such a respect and appreciation for artists, and the time, dedication, and passion that goes into creating. Only recently have I been able to look around my home at the paintings I have on display, and say I actually met the artist. I’m so for it!

I’m also loving the friends I’ve made over the last few years. They are some of the purest souls I’ve ever met! I’m working on creating “water” themed pieces – a series to go along with a set of poems I’ve created. Water, for me, represents going with the flow, riding the wave, letting things come to me, letting things roll off of me, being a part of nature, not fighting anything and appreciating all that is, all that is meant, understanding my purpose, being in my element, being content with all things just as they are, and freedom! I feel connected to water’s representation of cleansing, purifying, and renewing. When I paint, and when I write, I know for sure that I’m leaving some sort of impression on the world. If I’m not living in my purpose with a passion, then what exactly am I doing?



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