Meditate on Purpose


Cartagena, Colombia. 2016

I don’t do it often enough, at least not in any traditional way. I don’t have a special pillow, particular place or time of day. I don’t listen to any distinct songs or sounds, and I don’t try to completely empty my mind. I move at a pace that best fits the moment, my moment. I don’t meditate on purpose, it just happens – and when it does, I meditate on purpose! Who am I? What am I feeling in this moment? What does it mean to sit in silence, trying to connect with God, the universe, myself and reasons for existing? I choose not to allow complaints into these moments. All things and people placed in my life, existing in my life, are all a part of a plan. But why, what is their purpose? They all play some role. It can be as minor as the 13 markers in my bookbag (which actually serves no purpose at all, at this moment), or as major as having a device that allows me a few minutes of FaceTime with my mother. Much of what is in between is up for elimination. Everything existing in my world causes an effect on one another, because they all affect me – I am the common denominator. I am the one who decides to build on something, or break it down and remove it. If I’ve read a book that has greatly encouraged me and has served its purpose by reading it once, then maybe it’s time to pass that book on to someone else – why allow it to sit in one place and be useless. This way of thinking is applied to all things, and people.

In moments when I realize what I want, I act on my wants,  and those actions lead me toward introductions to new people, places, ideas, eventually tangible things or new feelings. All is connected! Seeing life in this light has everything to do with being conscious. I am not only meditating on my purpose, I’m meditating on the purpose of the amount of clothes in my dresser drawers, the purpose of the groceries in the cabinets, the purpose of spending time with people who may or may not add any value to my life, the purpose of exercise (for the mind, body and spirit), the purpose of love, laughter, inspiration, faith and so on. All things I try my best not to take for granted. Everything and everyone has a reason for existing in my world. One thing I know for sure about myself, is that I’m always spring cleaning, because I value “less” as being so much “more”. Meditate on that!

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